The Official Trainer Sponsorship Program

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One of the ways to enrich skill and growth is by creating more skilled human resources. The Global Best Practice products require Qualified and trained trainers who are capable enough to teach their delegates whilst at the same time display an inquisitive attitude throughout the training session.

This is a 2 days orientation programme aimed at developing new trainers for various course offerings. Contact us for more details. The session culminates with an exam, post which the official trainer application shall be processed with relevant authorities & bodies (which will include further assessments and follow-on actions).

This requires the following documentation and tasks -

1) Minimum 3 years of experience in the relevant subject area
2) At least 10 days of professional training experience OR 3 full training sessions delivered under a Lead Trainer
3) Complete an application form to support the above
4) Detailed CV highlighting and profiling the experience
5) Any 2 referals who can confirm the experience
6) Trainer Sponsorship (This will be us)
7) Complete a written or computer based exam after the TTT session

What you will receive -

1) The Official Trainer Certificate with a universal License number
2) Trainer Course Material Package
3) The Official Guidance for the subject
4) Trainer Presentation Material (Editable)
5) Access to the ATO's knowledge resources and relevant Assets.
6) Inivigilation training and onboarding
7) Exam booking Process training
8) Customized Portal - Information Radiator