What are our customers saying about us?

You are a bunch of rock star trainers. Thank You.

IBM India Head - S&D

Vijay - your knowledge of Governance in gerenal is vast and I would like to pick your brains again in the future.

CEO of a Global IT Company - USA.

The ITIL Expert bore fruits and I will be moving to World food programme UN in Nairobi with 3x the current payscale (their pay is tax free) though on a six months contract but better opportunities. This just to appreciate the quality of your training. Thank You.

Calvin Omari, SDD Analyst, United Nations.

Thumbs up for the quality. Just amazing the way you deliver trainings with real world practical examples. And more over the implementation material is so comprehensive that it ties all together in ensuring that I apply the concepts at work. My score of 88% in PRINCE2 Practitioner and 83% in MSP Practitioner would not have been possible without this splendid training approach. This has also put me into a league where I can apply for a PR without a second thought. Thanks A2A and thanks Vijay.
Krishna Kumar, Architect, IBM India Labs.

Excellent training with real time scenerios, I'm happy to recommend A2A IMTCS for those who are interested in PRINCE2 and MSP training.
Krishna Kolhe, Program Manager, IBM India.

This training will certainly help me in my future endeavor as a consultant and advisor.
Shazia, Assistant Vice President, Goldman Sachs India.

Your trainings are very interesting in the way your narrate them as stories with practical examples. I am amazed and can see the difference in you banking on quality as your game. Thank You, I wouldn't call myself an ITIL Expert without the knowledge shared by you.
Srinivas, Senior Manager, Capgemini India.

You are a very rare breed of trainers who seem to have mastered the art along with great passion. Your PRINCE2 training delivery was amazing. We will surely work together on various things in the future and I am sure your business model will deliver long term value based benefits. All the best to you.
Nasib, Managing Director, Zeus Consulting, Abhu Dhabi.

I liked the unique training approach and immense focus on knowledge creation.
Mervyn, Senior Program Manager, IBM India.

You have most certainly opened up our minds. Thank you so much for all the things you shared over the past 5 days. We will surely go for more MSP and PRINCE2 training sessions for our staff. Thanks again.
Shaka, Senior Vice President, Safaraicom, East Africa.

You are our prefered trainer for this area of business for the great quality training and happy customers.
Global Knowledge, Africa.

Thanks for delivering two great back-to-back sessions with such passion and energy. We are delighted to have chosen you.
Ministry and IT and Telecommunications, Govt. of Vietnam.

You are an absolute star indeed. You were able to far exceed our expectations.
Mr. Trung, Netpro ITI, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Thanks for a great session. I will enrol for PRINCE2 and M_o_R courses as well. We do not always get these training options with this kind of quality and aptness.

Ewilena, Analyst, Poland.

We found you so late. Wish we had met earlier. Nevertheless, awesome training. Will plan more public batches in the future here in African region and let us work on a long-term basis.
CC Learning Inst, Nairobi, Kenya.

We want to work with you in delivering our advanced cloud computing training in the Asia pac region. Like us, you seem to have the same ethical and knowledge focused approach in the management and delivery of training sessions.
GSTF, Singapore.

Your passion for training is unbelievable indeed. In answering every question, I could recall what we discussed during the training, the techniques, the relationships between assets, various management products to such depth that my exam appeared rather a formality to complete more than anything else. Cannot wait for my next training, ITIL intermediate. Thanks again Vijay and convey my regards to your sales team as well.
Rajagopal, PA Consulting Group, UK.

We want you here forever for all our trainings and best practices implementation. Your time has proved to be very critical in getting our new work practice group upto speed as we continue to hold an edge in the market place. We will definitely see you coming here every month over the next few years and we want to work with you on a very long-term relationship in other aspects of our work. Safe trip and see you again soon.
Head of MSN (Engineering) Department, Safaricom, - a VODAFONE Company, Nairobi, Kenya.

All our employees have given your team a rating 1 for an excellent training. As L&OD Manager, I cannot have asked for more. A BIG Thank You and see you shortly for the MALC training. Safe flight.
Head of Learning and Organizational Development - Safaricom, - a VODAFONE Company, Nairobi, Kenya.

Thanks for an unbelievable training for our Senior Managers. We have decided to get going on Program Management training for all our PPM staff. Excellent value add, we are happy to have signed you. See you in January. Happy new year.
Head of Technical Learning & Organizational Development - L&T, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai, India.

After attending today's session. I recollect a proverb which said by one of the great philosopher - Avvaiyar as "Known is a drop and unknown is a ocean". Should I insist here to say that you are a Wiki of projects, programs and portfolios. 

Farooq J, Senior Manager, Wipro

Your passion for the subject is really admirable. I will recommend your sessions to all my colleagues and friends.

Ayman H, Project Manager, Etisalat, South Sudan


I like the attitude in you going out of your way to help students learn things comprehensively. The passion for the subject and profession is really amazing. See you in April again. Thanks

Stephen Kariuki, CEO, Harmony PLC, Kenya

It is with your trainer's pristine knowledge and support, I was able to clear ITIL Foundation certification, I am fianlly now V3 certified, I am are really thankful to Pratap the trainer and your team for the great support in delivering an online training so well. I will now pursue MSP and Service Transition training shortly with you guys.
Sharad Kohli, Australia.

Without any doubts, Vijay is very knowledgeable about management training, best practices, innovative and skillful in deeply understanding each candidate to achieve his/her training goals. He actively engages each and every one by adding humor, real world scenarios, and lastly asking the relevant questions. I appreciate his sincere dedication, deep understanding towards all his training and recommend others who are interested in management/best practice/technical certifications.
Vinay Makam, HP India

Vijay is very sportive and motivating. He has a strong sense of humour and makes training lively even after lunch hours :-p. All the concepts were well explained with simple day to day life and professional examples.
Anupama Shivakumar, TCS