ISO 9001 Lead Implementer

ISO 9001 does NOT define the actual quality of your product or service. The standard helps you achieve consistent results and continually improve the process. Thus, if you can make a good product most of the time, this helps you make it all of the time. It’s a set of good/best business practices.

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ISO9LI Certification Overview

The ISO 9001 Lead Implementer certification is recommended for advanced-career level professionals responsible for implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) and needing to manage an implementation project. Organizations that have adopted the principles of ISO 9001 often realize considerable improvements in their day-to-day operations, with business gains. ISO 9001 Certification is not just suitable for large organizations but also small businesses that will benefit from adopting efficient Quality Management System that will save time and cost, improve efficiency and improve customer relationships.

Exam Pattern

The exam comprises of 100 Multiple Choice Questions out of which the candidate needs to score 70% (70 out of 100 correct) to pass the exam.

Duration of exam
The total duration of the exam is 2 hours (120 Minutes)


The ISO 9001 Lead Implementer Exam is currently available via Online Proctored Mode, You will need to schedule testing appointment by sending an email to once you are done with the E-Course. You can schedule an exam appointment date before forty eight (48) hours

Retaking of exam

If a Candidate does not pass the exam in the second (2nd) attempt, the candidate must wait for a period of at least fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of their attempt to retake the exam for third (3rd) time or any subsequent time. The exam can be taken any number of times.

Certification Validity

The ISO 9001 Lead Implementer Certificate is valid for four (4) years

Note: The ISO 9001 Lead Implementer Certification has no pre-requisites (Completion of a course is not mandatory), but we highly recommend doing the Course as maximum number of questions are drawn from the course in the actual exam.

Displaying your certificate

1. Remember, when labelling a product or system as certified to an ISO standard:
2. Don't say: "ISO certified" or "ISO certification"
3. DO say: "ISO 9001:2008 certified" or "ISO 9001:2008 certification" (for example).

Course Outline

Topics Covered in the Exam
• Fundamental quality principles and concepts
• Planning a QMS based on ISO 9001
• Implementing a QMS based on ISO 9001
• Quality management best practices based on ISO 9001
• Performance evaluation, monitoring and measurement of a QMS based on ISO 9001
• Continuous improvement of a QMS based on ISO 9001
• Preparing for a QMS certification audit

Target Audience

• Project managers or consultants wanting to prepare and to support an organization in the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS)
• ISO 9001 auditors who wish to fully understand the Quality Management System implementation process
• Persons responsible for the Quality or conformity in an organization.
• Members of an quality team
• Expert advisors in Quality Management Systems
• Technical experts wanting to prepare for an quality function or for a QMS project management function