The COBIT5 Assessor Course and Certification

The Assessors level provides methods, guides and models, supported by several case studies that will provide knowledge on how to implement and process assessment.

A Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT

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Learn how to analyze results to provide a clear outcome of process capabilities. Direct process improvements in accordance to current business goals and benchmarks, whilst measuring achievements. Candidates will be able to: Approach, plan and implement improvements using good practices. Implement one framework to support all IT management capabilities. Use COBIT 5 metrics & scorecards to create a performance measurement framework for an organization. Perform & process capability assessment using various official COBIT 5 guides, models and methods. Brief team members with clear plans and structure. Identify roles and responsibilities in the process capability assessment process.

The Concept

The Assessor course provides methods to help guide implementation activities and is supported by several case studies. You will learn how to perform a process assessment and how to analyze the results to provide a clear determination of process capability. You will also learn how these results can be used for process improvement, measuring the achievement of current or projected business goals, benchmarking, consistent reporting and organizational compliance ultimately driving value to the business.

What you will learn

Following completion of the COBIT 5 Assessor course and examination, you will understand:

  • How to perform a process capability assessment using the Assessor Guide: using COBIT 5.
  • How to apply the Process Assessment Model (the PAM) in performing a process capability assessment. Specifically:
  1. To use the Process Reference Model, in particular to be able to use the 37 processes outlined in the PRM.
  2. To apply and analyse the measurement model in assessing process capability levels.
  3. To apply and analyse the capability dimension using generic criteria outlined in the PAM.
  • How to identify and assess the roles and responsibilities in the process capability assessment process.
  • How to perform and assess the 7 steps outlined in the Assessor Guide. Specifically:
  1. Initiate a process assessment
  2. Scope an assessment, using the tools provided and the PAM for the selection of the appropriate processes
  3. Plan & Brief the teams
  4. Collect & Validate the data
  5. Do a process attribute rating
  6. Report the findings of the assessment.
  • How to use the self-assessment guide.

Target Audience

This course is designed for core IT professionals working in IT management and governance:

  • Chief Executives
  • Business management
  • IT/IS auditors
  • Internal auditors
  • IT practitioners
  • Consultants
  • IT service managers
  • IT/IS management
  • Current COBIT 4.1 users needing to decide if they want to adopt COBIT 5
  • Anyone interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of COBIT 5

Exam Format

  • Objective testing
  • 8 questions per paper with 10 marks available per question
  • 40 marks or more required to pass (out of 80 available) - 50%
  • 2 ½ hours duration
  • Open book, Using COBIT 5 books only. (‘COBIT 5 Assessor Guide: Using COBIT 5’ and ‘COBIT Process Assessment Model’ )

Candidates that are successful in the COBIT 5 Assessor exam now meet one of the eligibility requirements to become a COBIT 5 Certified Assessor. This is a new certification scheme from ISACA that demonstrates an individual has the knowledge experience and skills that make them a valuable asset to their organization.