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Interactions between various methodologies (our Portfolio) and their significance.

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What drives us?

The entire human race and other species on the planet have probably evolved to this day and technology for one mighty and powerful reason - SKILL and continual upskilling. In a rapidly changing global environment, there is only one way to remain essential to your employer or potential employer; and that is by upskilling and constantly re-inventing yourself. Our organization's very objective is to help you in that regard.

We deliver training programs world over but it is indeed an INDIAN Company based in the heart of one of India's best, green, hospitable and bustling IT and Semiconductor Jewels - BENGALURU (Bangalore). We will shortly have localised branches and affiliates in all the other prime Indian cities.

Our organization is driven by the below 9 principles -

1. Adding absolute value
2. Deliver on-time
3. Deliver the required content
4. Focus on knowledge and innovation
5. Prepare trainers and consultants for the future
6. Maintain the right objectives
7. Stand for ethics and address vulnerabilities to them
8. Learn from mistakes and implement actions
9. Never compromise on quality

'Absolute Value' delivered to you each time

All of our internal processes and the ISO 9001 QMS implementation are integrated and driven by the organization's core principles. We are therefore able to bring and add more value to you with an integrated process based approach in the delivery and management of our services - be it an inquiry, counseling, registration, training, exams, certificates etc. The customer centric approach coupled with immense experience and passion of our staff and trainers will ensure that all your stated and unstated needs are addressed in a thoroughly professional manner.

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Like they say - we are "a young kid in the block". We are indeed young and very young as an ATO. Our Founder - CTO and all the approved trainers though have many many years of experience in delivering training sessions all over the world. Our training sessions will be delivered to you by our trainers who are not only fully accredited by EIs and official Accreditors but have also authored books on various subjects and have been thoroughly involved in the preparation of the course-ware, sample exams and all the training material. We are growing steadily, so this page and section of the website will be most frequently updated to reflect our ever increasing team not just in numbers but also in the content development and delivery models. We are driven by the passion and enjoy your success.


Please see the full list of courses we offer in the 'courses' tab. As a young company, it is outright obvious that we are looking at creating value and building a substantial & significant market share for the value we offer. In that endeavor though, like one of the Agile Principles says, we will not compromise on Quality. When you are considering training, consulting and / or certifications, you would naturally compare amongst various institutes the one that suites your requirements. We urge you to consider us for the value we offer not just the financial aspect of it. Because we strongly believe that the real challenge for any delegate is in applying the concepts learned in the real world. A lesson learned is not a lesson learnt unless it is actioned. All of our trainings are therefore designed to accomplish the same. Passing an exam and obtaining the certificate is only a line to cross. The real challenge is what comes after it. We empower you to that REAL challenge with absolute knowledge and implementation tools.

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As our customer and delegate, your success invariably and directly is proportional to our success. Hence our business model is dependent on our mutual success parameters. We as an ATO, ACP, ATP and AEC are therefore obligated to deliver on-time, on-budget, up to and beyond your expectations. Quality will never be compromised. We assure (not just a guarantee) that you will pass all your exams if you follow our training delivery model and content within the stipulated guidelines and rules laid down by the Governing bodies. Bank on us and we deliver anything and everything necessary to beat your value perception.